The WindFlip System Makes it Simpler to Right Turbines Offshore

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: windflip & gizmag
The benefits to installing wind turbines out in the water may still be just barely worth the effort required to get them out there. The WindFlip system ingeniously suggests a new method for towing, positioning and assembling the towering contraptions which demands fewer laborers, resources and less time.

Essentially, the Norwegian WindFlip system comprises a boat on which to lay down and pull the eco power generator out into the ocean. The 100-meter by 30-meter barge relies on a tugboat to drag it because this motorless watercraft will shortly be completely submerged.

When the vessel is in position, its 29 ballast tanks will gradually fill with water, causing the WindFlip system to sink stern first. It continues to tip a total of 90 degrees to prepare the pre-assembled wind turbine for a quick and uncomplicated installation underwater.