Wim Delvoye Find Beauty in the Rugged and Industrial

 - May 18, 2012
References: wimdelvoye.be & itsnicethat
Gothic cathedrals and construction vehicles; to most, the two could not have less to do with each other, but to Wim Delvoye, the former can be used as inspiration for improving the supposed dull designs of the later.

Delvoye has an incredible talent for combining Gothic elements from medieval architecture and applying it to industrial vehicle designs. His latest sculpture is of a cement mixer, a model that completely detracts from any aesthetic impression one may have towards the large construction truck.

By redefining beauty in the rugged, Wim Delvoye is demonstrating that anything, regardless of its use or affiliation, contains within it an attraction and allure that will be appealing to someone. Not everyone looks at a garbage truck and says "there is a work of art," but to some it is an impressive display of human engineering and creativity -- a work of art.