Wildlife by Alex Teuscher Captures the Serious Side of Nature

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: astphotodesign & mymodernmet
The photo series titled Wildlife by Alex Teuscher, a photographer born in New York City and based in Geneva, Switzerland, captures a stunning array of exotic animals. From owls to tigers and rhinoceroses, the series is a rather big departure from similar portraits that tend to focus on the bright colors of the creatures captured or their unique personalities. Here, the focus takes a dark and moody turn for images that look more like charcoal works of arts than actual photos.

Yet since wild animal photography is considered one of the more challenging forms of photography, it is not surprising that Wildlife by Alex Teuscher has taken such a serious tone. Teuscher writes, "Wildlife photography requires technical skills and a fair amount of luck to be in the right place at the right time."