This Interactive Map Helps Users Locate Wild Produce

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
'Mundraub' is a new app that helps users track down wild produce before heading out to harvest it. Although Berlin is an urban center, the city is filled with green spaces that are bursting with wild produce. This app helps local residents virtually forage for fruit and vegetables before they venture outside.

Mundraub relies on crowdsourced data to mark where wild produce can be found. The locations are added by the public and indicate the type of produce found at each location. Users are expected to follow strict guidelines in order to ensure that fruits and vegetables are not plucked from private property. The app also reminds users to handle trees and bushes carefully to ensure that no plants are harmed in the process of foraging. While the most fruit-picking sites are currently listed in Berlin, the app collects data from all over Western Europe.

The app demonstrates how community-sourced data can be used to tend to local flora.