The Wild Fox Starstruck Frame Sunglasses Scream Celebrity Style

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: wildfoxcouture & 80spurple
With the Wild Fox Starstruck Frame Sunglasses, there will be no confusion concerning an individual's social standing and celebrity status. Ladies who sport these unorthodox, although, equally stylish shades will ooze glamor from every perfectly powered pore, while looking after their baby blues.

Besides being super stylish, these star-imprinted frames also boast 100 percent UV protection to keep peepers safe from harmful UV rays. Instead of donning blank sunglasses, why not try specs with a little flair? Featuring a starry-eyed insignia on the front, these frames will cause everyone who sees them to become star-struck with jealousy.

Currently available in gold and silver colors, Wild Fox has recently announced that they will be introducing a whole array of other colors. Catch some rays -- and possibly a tan -- but don't forget to accessorize and protect eyes with the Wild Fox Starstruck Frame Sunglasses.