This WiFi Jewelry Box Lets You Put Your Jewels with Your Internet

 - Apr 20, 2014
References: kickstarter & psfk
Technology and the Internet has found a way to combine itself with a variety of everyday items and this WiFi jewelry box is keeping the pattern going. When you combine things that are so unlike each other and usually completely unrelated, you get the most ingenious and interesting pieces.

A WiFi router is a piece of tech that is found in nearly every home these days. Considering the ubiquity of the item, it makes sense for it to be jazzed up a bit stylistically and adding a secondary piece to it makes it even better. This WiFi jewelry box is called the Gramofon and it allows users to keep their valuables safe while providing high-speed Internet.

If you're worried about losing your jewels, just consider that most thieves won't be looking inside your WiFi router when trying to rob you.