This Infographic Contains Valuable Data from the Wi-Fi Alliance

 - Jul 3, 2015
References: vouchercloud
The fast-paced digital world relies on fast Internet, and Wi-Fi in particular. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, there are 200 million households that use Wi-Fi, and 700 people. Each year, an average of 800 million new Wi-Fi devices emerge, an incredible growth that signals the importance of fast Internet. No longer just a luxury, it is now considered a necessity.

The Voucher Cloud Infographic 'More Than a Luxury: How The World Has Come To Expect Fast Internet,' details the impact of Wi-Fi, on both personal and social development, as well as sheds light on some interesting facts. For instance, the top 3 Wi-Fi consumers in the world today are France, the US and the UK.

Ultimately, Wi-Fi has become something that consumers can't live without. This infographic goes through not only the demand and subsequent growth of Wi-Fi, but also how it has come to empower individuals.