The 'Who's Getting Hired Today' Infographic Gives Some Helpful Hints

The 'Who's Getting Hired Today' infographic is a must read for all the job hunters out there. In a tough economy, finding a job can be hard. Hopefully this infographic will give readers a place to start looking.

The chart contains lots of useful information, including breaking down where people find jobs. According to this chart 27.5% of people get their jobs through referrals. It appears that who you know changes where you go. Freelance work is also starting to become more popular as 11.2% of firms say that their workforce is contingent. The most important thing one can do to find a job is move to a city where the openings are flowing. Currently New York City has the most annual job postings with almost 800,000 a year.

To improve your job search, check out the full Who's Getting Hired Today infographic.