Anna Maresova's Whoop-de-doo is a Gorgeously Designed Device

When you think of adult toys, you probably instantly think of those gaudy, flashy and embarrassing-looking things you often see in sex shop windows. However, the Whoop-de-doo by Anna Marešova defies that with its sleek and elegant design.

An erotic toy for women, the Whoop-de-doo’s has tons of research backing its design. In fact, Marešova went about creating the Whoop-de-doo scientifically—in addition to gaining information from the public via a questionnaire, she approached gynecologists, sexologists and gender experts to find out exactly what makes a great pleasure toy. Then, she consulted technology experts and designers to perfect her creation. The final result is this sophisticated and elegant toy, which comprises a "vibrator, vibrating eggs and venus balls."

In creating the Whoop-de-doo, which actually won the Jubilee 20th Czech National Award for Student Design, Marešova set out to change the way erotic toys are viewed. She wanted them to not be devices of embarrassment, but rather utilitarian items offering specific functions.