The University of Missouri's 'Whole U' is a Space for Wellness

 - Jan 26, 2017
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The University of Missouri St. Louis' 'Whole U' center is working to address one of the most common plaints lodged by university and college students everywhere. The holistic wellness space offers programs and support for the spectrum of issues that people face -- including the physical, the mental, and even occupational and financial problems -- with a key focus on the unique situation of those in the student body.

Though UMSL's rec center is great for physical wellness, it's a less useful resource for other problems that students face. For instance, students are a notoriously stressed out group; not only are they facing work from several different courses at once, but many students have also never experienced such a high pressure environment before, and they thus lack the skills to cope. The Whole U center offers programs to deal with these issues, as well as small but necessary perks like nap space and yoga sessions.