‘Who Gives A Crap' Supports Water Sanitation Programs

Where many non-profit initiatives seem to blend in with the rest, ‘Who Gives A Crap,’ an innovative social enterprise, stands out. Firstly, it is a non-profit selling environmentally sustainable toilet paper in order to support water sanitation programs in developing countries. Secondly, this social enterprise has a tongue-in-cheek YouTube video that will have viewers both chuckling and inspired.

Who Gives A Crap was created by University of Melbourne graduates Jehan Ratnatunga and Simon Griffiths. In 2007, they launched Ripple.org, a website that raises money for developing aid organizations through online advertising. Together, Ratnatunga and Griffiths have a background in economics, development, and the corporate sector, making them a unique fit for the social enterprise world.

Sanitation is a development issue that hardly gets enough attention, but it is one that kills an unbelievable amount of people each year. Unfortunately, development, aid and charity funds usually goes to more "sexy" issues like disaster relief, female empowerment and HIV/AIDS. However, by focusing on sanitation and toilets, according to Jehan Ratnatunga, we can help stop the spread of disease, increase productivity and create environments where children can go to school. With your help, Who Gives A Crap aims to use its profits to help create clean toilet access for the 2.6 billion people that go without.

On its website, Who Gives A Crap states that they plan to sell their toilet paper products at the same price as the competitors. This is extremely important considering that the majority of consumers choose price over social impact. Who Gives A Crap is still in its beginning stages, so information on its products and sustainable innovation will be available on the Who Gives A Crap website in the near future.

It’s time we all start giving a crap.

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