The 'Who Actually Votes in America?' Infographic Details Election Ballots

 - May 1, 2012
References: takepart & holykaw.alltop
The 'Who Actually Votes in America?' infographic documents what type of person was more likely to turn up at the polling station during election time.

Created by Column Five Media for Take Part, the chart breaks down voter turnout by age, sex, nationality and race, socioeconomic status, education level and employment history.

It shows that women are more likely to vote then men are and that the number of each increases as the person gets older, with 67.8% of Americans aged 75 or older turning out to the polls. Those that are or were married are more likely to vote than their single counterparts and those that are more wealthy and hold a steady job voted more often than those that are unemployed or less well off financially.

A higher education level will lead to an increased desire to vote as well. The chart also lists the top excuses for not casting a ballot and highlights the states with the highest and lowest voter turnout.