The Norlan Whisky Glass is Engineered for Aeration and Aroma

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: kickstarter & core77
The Norlan whisky glass isn't just aesthetically pleasing -- it's also been engineered to offer the best possible whisky tasting experience.

Designed in consultation with a team of master distillers, the unconventional Norlan whisky glass combines the form of a tumbler with the function of a nosing glass. It has specially designed features that showcase the quality of a whisky to its best advantage. The shape of the glass helps to aerate the whisky, releasing its best flavors. It also focuses and diffuses the scent of the whisky, so that sipping provides both taste and olfactory sensations. As a small, sweet added touch, the whisky glass's size and shape allow the drinker to take a sip without breaking eye contact with the other members of their group.