This 360-Degree Video Shows How Jack Daniel's Whiskey is Distilled

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: themill & immedtech.wordpress
While being completely immersed in whiskey might sound like paradise for some, others probably prefer adding the caveat of being immersed in a 360-degree whiskey video. The Jack Daniel's distillery is doing its best to appease both parties by offering a new 360-degree video that takes viewers through the historic whiskey maker's process.

The video opens with an aerial shot of Lynchburg, Tennessee, the home of Jack Daniel's distillery. It proceeds to take its viewers around the distillery itself, showing where workers retrieve spring water, how the charcoal used to "mellow" the whiskey that's produced and where the barrels are stored during the aging process.

The whiskey video, available on YouTube 360, helps consumers concerned with the quality of their whiskey (a traditionally luxurious product) grasp the artisanal efforts of their alcohol.