Adam Winrich Multitasks with 'Whips and Harmonica'

Adam Winrich is a man who knows how to play whips and harmonica at the same time. Winrich says he’s "been playing harmonica almost as long as I’ve been cracking whips," so it was only natural to combine the two into an epic western song.

Winrich begins by blowing into the mouth harp to create a melody in a minor key which starts off the song in a dark mood. Then he plants he mouth on one chord and begins to use his whips to create the beat. The beat starts off simple, but as the song begins to climax the whips are going wild creating an upbeat masterpiece. Winrich flails his arms until the song comes to a close with a harmonica solo.

Adam Winrich combines whips and harmonica to create a spectacle that belongs on Deadwood’s Got Talent.