This Wheel Light is Powered by Air Currents from the Bicycle's Motion

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: reelight & kickstarter
This Scandinavian-designed bicycle wheel light is completely frictionless, super powerful and doesn't require batteries.

The NEO wheel light is advertised on Kickstarter as the "World's Most Powerful Fiction Free Bike Light." The innovative design clips to the wheel post of the bike's frame. It uses eddies from the motion of the wheel rim to charge itself, offering a powerful 118 lumen's worth of light. Believing that bike lights are integral to road safety, NEO has actually done research to measure the safety impact of its battery-free wheel light. In a test involving over 4,000 cyclists, NEO's parent company Reelight determined that their bike light reduced the probability of accidents by 35%.

This is an example of a product that perfectly plays into its target consumer's values: bicycle riders are known to be notoriously environmentally conscious, and thus a bike light that uses the natural power of the bike to charge is ideal.