'What Happens Online When You Die?' Helps Readers Prepare for Inevitable

'What Happens Online When You Die?' is not only a question that's probably embedded into your head now that I've asked it; it's also the name of a highly informative webpage that answers that very question for visitors.

More than just a simple infographic, 'What Happens Online When You Die?' is a multimedia "blogazine", featuring scrollable images, video content as well as, funnily enough, an infographic. All these elements come together to help viewers better understand what happens to their social networking accounts in the event their loved ones or they themselves were to meet an untimely end.

The website, which was produced by Life Insurance Finder, also urges viewers to prepare for such an event by leaving detailed wills as to what they want done to their various accounts. It really makes you ponder who you'd want to leave your level 85 World of Warcraft paladin to.