Big Potato's 'Weird Things Humans Search For' Looks at Web Searches

 - Jun 19, 2018
References: instagram & toyworldmag
'Weird Things Humans Search For' is the name of the newest game from Big Potato and it is one that taps into the strangeness of Internet searches. The premise of the game is simple, with players being tasked to correctly guess the endings of the most popular Internet search engine questions.

The game is organized with one person as the question master and the remaining players split up into teams. The question master chooses a card and reads out the beginning of a phrase, such as: "Is it embarrassing to…?" Ultimately, the team that has collected the most points after five rounds wins.

Big Potato founder Dean Tempest notes that Weird Things Humans Search For is "a game about uncovering all the weirdest searches on the web and celebrating just how strange the human race can be." As such, the game is recommended for kids ages 14 and up.