Lame Claim to Fame is One of Many Recently Released Weird Al Music Videos

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: & refinery29
In the seventh of the Weird Al music videos being released to celebrate the parody master's new album Mandatory Fun, Al Yankovic sings about 'Lame Claims to Fame.'

Rather than parodying an existing song as many of his earlier releases (such as Lorde's Royal or Iggy Azalea's Fancy), Lame Claim to Fame discusses the penchant some people have for making weak connections to other celebrities. From sharing a birthday with Kim Kardashian to being told by Steve Buscemi that the seat was taken, the music video depicts different instances in a scrap book style. Like other Weird Al music videos, the lyrics tell a silly story. This time it is to the tune of a rock song, further making fun of hokey storytelling rock anthems.