This Weed Killing Steamer Requires No Chemicals or Tools to Weed Gardens

 - Apr 25, 2016
References: hammacher & 7gadgets
Getting down on your hands and knees to remove weeds can be a daunting task for any gardener, so the Weed Killing Steamer is here to offer a better alternative.

Rather than have users dig out the weeds by hand, the appliance works by blasting super-hot steam into the roots of the weed and rendering it dead. Working well with dandelions, cudweed plants and crabgrass, the appliance works with plain tap water and without the need for harsh chemicals. This allows users to use the Weed Killing Steamer over and over without having to worry about land degradation or chemical runoff.

The steamer plugs into an AC outlet and, when the reservoir is fully filled, will provide up to 35-minutes of continuous weed-killing steam power. When turned on, the steamer is ready to go in about 10-minutes.