Wave Shelves by Vishal Agale Present an Ocean of Orientation Possibilities

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: vishalagale
It's wonderful to see how designers play with the conventions of common household fittings to come up with concepts like these Wave Shelves, by Vishal Agale. Instead of conceiving a storage system that's reliant on levelness, rigidity and strict horizontality, the creative came up with much more fluid form.

Fluid indeed, for this set of four identical ledges is literally inspired by the undulating shape of offshore breakers. The center third of the wall-mounted board is molded flat to effectively support most household objects while the two flanking sides curve gracefully in opposite directions.

The S-shape of the Wave Shelves by Vishal Agale offers abundant opportunities for creative arrangement. They can be tilted, stacked and assembled to cradle irregular items and secure possessions between them.