The Water-Intimated Floor-Marks Concept Reduces Incidences of Slipping

 - Jan 14, 2014
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Because it isn't always the janitor who makes floors wet, the Water-Intimated Floor-Marks system would be a helpful feature in any public building. The concept is for a special type of flooring or flooring treatment that alerts pedestrians about spills without the use of signage.

A team of designers from the Zhejiang University have dreamed up a different way to notify passers-by about dangerous puddles. The tiles, the wood or the concrete would have a dye absorbed into it that's water-sensitive. This special ink would be applied to take the familiar symbols that you see on slip-risk signs. With the Water-Intimated Floor-Marks system, these images would appear within the spill itself, informing people of its presence and encouraging them to walk around it.