Make Water from Air

 - Aug 20, 2006
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Running dry during drought conditions, having plumbing problems? Relax as long as you can breath you will not go thirsty. The Waterex system while cleaning the air will also be producing pure water from the humidity in the atmosphere.

This amazing machine that looks not much different or bigger than a typical Water dispensing unit can make up to 30 litres of water in 24 hours and give you the options of cold, warm and hot.

The water produced goes through a sophisticated 8 step filtration system clearing it of all unhealthy chemicals. Sensors in the unit automatically stop it from producing once it is full.

Depending on Location or electricity cost it will produce water from $0.05 per litre or R0.60 (ZAR).

It is being sold by a network of distributors and prices for the unit may vary from country to country.

Bring it home or to the office.. one thing's for sure, famine, flood, drought or war, you wont be running out of water.