The i-H2GO Water-Powered Toy is Controlled by Smartphone Apps

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: horizonfuelcell & gizmodo
The i-H2GO is a tiny water-powered toy car that could have huge implications for the future of vehicles. This remote-controlled vehicle is a follow-up to the H2GO released by the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and Corgi International in 2008, now with the ability to be controlled by an iOS app, and soon Androids too.

Like the H2GO, this new model splits water into hydrogen in oxygen using the power from an integrated solar panel. Even if there is no sun in sight, the i-H2GO has a built-in USB charging cable so that the fun doesn't have to stop on a cloudy day.

What's even better than the last model, the i-H2GO is $75 less than the last model, making this energy-efficient toy even more affordable than before.