Kyouei Design's Water Clock Uses Plates, Glasses and a Red Ball

 - Mar 7, 2012
References: vespoe & gizmodo
Although watching the celestial skies is one sure way to figure out what time it is, the Water Clock offers another nature-inspired solution. It combines the natural H2O element with dishware to provide a unique way to tell the time.

Created by Kyouei Design, a studio based in Shizuoka, Japan, the Water Clock is made out of polypropylene, magnets and ceramic materials. All that is required -- in addition to a run-of-the-mill plate and/or glass -- is a special base and ball, which are currently available online at Vespoe. Once the plate or glass is placed on top of the base, it is filled with water, in which the ball is then dropped. The ball is then free to move in a clockwise fashion.