The Wander Lamp is a Lighthearted Illuminator with a Heavyset Design

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: katharinaeisenkoeck & leibal
To describe the Wander Lamp based on its materiality, you would likely not expect it to look or perform quite like it does. Rather compact in size, the light fixtures are cast in concrete and capped with cages, yet they still manage to be charming objects that are suitably handy within the home.

Katharina Eisenkoeck's robust creations have been softened a little with the incorporation of leather straps. It is these elements that introduce adaptability to the design, enabling the user to carry the lanterns about and even suspend them in different places. Loop the belts around closet rails, chair backs, hangers and hooks, and illuminate some of the darker corners of your dwelling. The weighty composition of the Wander Lamp might not immediately strike you as portable, but in use it will prove that it is.