Walmart Pay Cuts on Costs and Offers More Convenience for Consumers

 - Jul 5, 2016
References: macrumors & engadget
Choosing to set itself apart from other streamlined payment services like Apple Pay, Walmart has been spreading its own version throughout the United States, calling its service Walmart Pay.

It works by connecting consumers to a mobile app that allows them to pay in any lane with all major credit, debit, gift card or pre-paid cards. With the app, consumers simply need to select Walmart Pay and then scan the barcode of their purchase with their phone's camera. Once this is done, consumers are sent an electronic receipt and employees put their purchases in bags to take home.

By using its own streamlined payment method, Walmart avoids extra costs that it would have to pay by using a third party service like Apple Pay. The use of Walmart Pay is just one way that the company is making purchasing more convenient for its shoppers, as it has reportedly been testing affordable delivery services for its groceries as well.