This House Features an Earthquake-Resistant Wall-to-Wall Bookshelf

 - Nov 30, 2017
References: mashable
Described as a bookworm's dream, this house features a wall-to-wall bookshelf that was also created to be resistant to earthquakes. Designed by Japanese architecture firm Shinsuke Fujii, the home features an ample amount of shelving for books and nicknacks. If you are someone who dreamed of having your own version of Belle's library from Beauty and the Beast, then consider this version ladder-less inspiration.

The wall-to-wall bookshelf was built with safety in mind. The whole thing leans on a slant so it won't fall forward in the event of an earthquake. This also means you won't need a ladder to reach the higher shelves. You can simply climb the bookcase to get what you need and get a workout in the process.