The MoonWalkers Replicate the Sensation of Walking on the Moon

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: facebook & dezeen
The MoonWalker sneaker designs by American brand Moonshine Crea creatively replicate the sensation of walking on the moon with a magnetic design that simulates the creator's low gravity atmosphere. The shoes are able to then give the wearer the feeling of what it might be like to take steps on the moon, while having their feet firmly planted on the earth.

Walking on the moon is an elite experience reserved for the very few astronauts that have made the trip in space. To make the experience more widely accessible, Moonshine Crea put together a series of magnetic shoe designs that simulate the sensation of floating that an astronaut would feel up ins pace. The shoes feature wide soles complete with two sets of magnets that repel one another and give off a zero-gravity wear.