- Sep 21, 2007
References: vringo & jpost
Vringo is a new cell phone service that let you and other Vringo users share video files. What sets it apart is that you decide what video your friend will receive when you phone them, and likewise, they will choose which video you will see when you connect with that caller.

"With the goal of being the MySpace of video ringtones, Vringo is providing a personal element to this new trend," the Jerusalem Post said. The company hopes some young trend setters catch on and that Vringo's success will virally spread from there since in order to receive videos, their friends must also have the service.

"Pieces of your personality can now be projected through the video ringtone you choose to send," the Post said. "Think video ringtone meets social networking. Medved says that Vringo will also be integrated with Web sites like Flickr and YouTube, so if you want to upload data you already have there, you can then share it through your cellphone."