The Horex VR6 Silver Edition Features a Lush Silver Body

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: horex & gizmag
The Horex VR6 Silver Edition is a new and updated roadster officially released by German company Horex Motorcycles GmbH. This motorcycle features a patented six-cylinder VR6 engine that marks the triumphant return of Horex since it flirted with bankruptcy not too long ago.

This new motorbike stays vary close to the design that was seen back in 20120 when the company came back to life after being dormant for nearly half a century. The bike is called a Silver Edition due to the Heritage Silver color that fully dominates its body. This look also extends to the forks, calipers and stainless steel exhausts of the bike.

Horex has come back from the dead nearly twice, and its VR6 Silver Edition is a clear sign that the company is now here to stay.