Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz Discusses the Development of the Volvo V60 Hybrid

 - Jun 3, 2014
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When it came to developing the Volvo V60, Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz felt a marketing-focused, consumer insight-driven approach was best. The result was the best selling hybrid car in Europe.

The General Manager of the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center is often inspired by experience. He credits the city of Los Angeles and its car culture for providing inspiration on a daily basis, depending on the stage of the project he is working on. A practical example of this is the buttons he and his team noticed in an agency elevator. Consequently, the Volvo V60 has a row of three elegant buttons that read ‘pure,’ ‘hybrid,’ ‘power.’

Tylman-Mikiewicz predicts autonomous cars will revolutionize the automotive industry. Although, he notes feeling in control, wellbeing and motion sickness are all challenges to consider. He believes understanding people is the key to innovation and leading an industry.