The Volta Volare GT4 E-Plane Provides Battery-Powered Fights

 - May 7, 2012
References: voltavolare & gizmag
The Volta Volaré GT4 e-plane makes riding high in a G6 seem like old news.

As one of the most environmentally friendly private planes on the market, the hybrid, four-seater, luxury vessel is capable of sustaining limited duration flight paths using electricity as its primary power source. With a flight duration of about 1,000 nautical miles on a single charge, the plane also boasts back-up gasoline power that kicks in once the aircraft's battery power drops below 25%.

Aesthetically speaking, the exterior of the airbus is made from space-aged, metallic carbon fiber with sharply angled edges and an overall sleek body shape. The aircraft's interior seating area is nostalgic in feel and features control panel and window-shape elements that are throwbacks to classical planes of the past.