The Vogue Italia 'Glitter' Editorial Draws Inspiration From the 70s

The Vogue Italia 'Glitter' editorial manages to make its imagery sparkle even with its grayscale palette.

Model Eniko Mihalik dons opulent creations in this fashion story that certainly does not skimp on glamour. The styling is a nod to unabashed opulence and avant-garde art deco motifs as done by Sara Maino. Photographed by David Dunan, this editorial spread boasts a stunning aesthetic of sleek frames so as to compliment the shimmer of each garment piece.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the model's look is the symmetrical frizzy bob that she sports. It adds a dimension with its playful look, and feminine bangs contrast the luxury of the garment story. With its stunning visuals that epitomize glitz, the Vogue Italia 'Glitter' Editorial will certainly resonate well with those partial to unapologetic excess.