The Vogue Hommes International SS 2012 Issue Features Major Vices

The Vogue Hommes International SS 2012 shoot features a sinful and sultry model. The '7 Deadly Sins' stars the hunk Sam Webb. The series depicts wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. Simply viewing the photographs evokes lust and envy in the viewer. Sam Webb's posing is subtly sensual, while strongly exposing his vices. His angular jaw in combination with his soft eyes creates a dynamic emotion towards his actions.

Photographer Maciek Kobielski captures the vices with precision and clarity, allowing both the motif and the model to be emphasized. The artist uses light masterfully, playing up Webb's form and facial construction. His artistic direction is complex, incorporating both the fashion and props. Rather than warding viewers away from sin, the shoot allures audiences into partaking in lustful action.