Vjunok Shelves by Maria Yasko Grow Like Weeds Up the Wall

 - Jun 6, 2011
References: behance.net
Simply filling a room with furniture isn't enough to make a space cohesive, but the installation of items like these Vjunok Shelves by Maria Yasko offer ways to unite the four walls with the objects between them.

Graceful computer renderings reveal three models of sinuous storage systems that creep up from floor to ceiling. In all cases, the modular quality of these elegant ledges can be manipulated to shape 3D organic and geometric compositions. The Icelandic Tree and Rill archetypes are enhanced with detailed murals painted on behind the brackets, where curved zigzagging lines are transformed into more natural motifs. The outcome delivers an array of mantels that aren't necessarily straight, making Vjunok Shelves by Maria Yasko dynamic additions to wanting interior spaces.