VitaTops Recently Debuted Several New Protein-packed Varieties

In an effort to cater to the growing number of consumers interested in adding more protein to their diet, VitaTops has debuted several new protein-packed varieties of its signature muffin tops. Perfect for breakfast or a mid-day boost, the new muffin top varieties offer the perfect blend of nutrients.

VitaTops are bite-sized muffin tops that are hearty enough to curb cravings, without added calories. The new VitaTops varieties include a number of delicious flavors such as Protein Banana Chocolate Chip, Superfood CranBran and Wild Blueberry. Each of these flavors clocks in at 150 calories or less, and offers the perfect blend of protein and fiber to keep consumers full between meals. As the brand explains, the new varieties are "perfect for the health conscious consumer who craves a healthy indulgence."