Nissan'S New System Emits Plasmacluster Ions of Vitamin C

 - Aug 3, 2010   Updated: Jun 23 2011
References: dailymail
Auto manufacturer Nissan has announced a new system in their upcoming cars that will emit vitamin C to moisture drivers' skin. The system relies on Plasmacluster ions, a technology developed by Sharp that will not only moisturize the skin, but also reduce and deactivate airborne bacteria, mold levels, ticks and microbial allergens.

The Nissan system will also be able to detect bad odors and automatically activate the ventilation system.

Implications - This innovation plays off of consumers' desire for healthier lifestyles. North American society in particular has become obsessed with health consciousness in light of studies exposing their obesity. Corporations that are able to incorporate health-conscious design elements into their wares are likely to fair better than competitor products which offer no foreseeable health benefits.