The VisualRuler App Helps Users Measure Anything with an Phone Camera

 - Aug 1, 2016
References: lifehacker & digitaltrends
The VisualRuler app helps users to measure the dimensions of an object by using the camera on a smartphone.

To measure something, the user scans a wallet-sized card, like a credit card, alongside the object they want to know the dimensions of and then they simply take a photo. The user then applies the measurement lines on the card and then one the object to be measured. It gives an estimate of the dimensions as compared to the card. The card and object need to be on flat surfaces for the estimated measurements to be as accurate as possible.

In its current stage of development, the VisualRuler app can only measure objects on a small scale. The app could be very useful when shopping for home decor items when the user wants to known unlisted dimensions before purchasing.