This Virtual Reality Human Was Created Using 94 HD Cameras

 - Sep 3, 2014
References: fbfx & designboom
Marshmallow Laser Feast worked in collaboration with FBFX and Analog Studio to put together a mind-blowingly accurate high-resolution virtual human body-scan, creating a realistic virtual reality human. The team used 94 cameras to create the virtual scan of actress Beryl Nesbitt.

This incredible virtual reality human project was conceived by the band Duologue for the music video for their song Memex. The project is intended to function as a deeper study into the art and science of film-making for the virtual reality environment. 3D virtual reality scans were captured in 360 degrees and at a rate of 1/13,000th of a second. The resulting inputs were then combined with a spherical panoramic HDR photo of a sunset for added realism.

Photo Credits: designboom, fbfx