Alexandra Cameron Captures Twin Seduction in 'Virgin Suicides'

 - Sep 22, 2013
References: facebook & alexandracameron.4ormat
Within Alexandra Cameron's 'Virgin Suicides,' she captures two blonde twins who seduce the camera into their world. The fading of the photos creates a rustic effect, where the models seem to be from the past.

White reflects purity and innocence, where all of the garments worn within the shoot are completely white or incorporate white into the style. There are some photos where both of the girls glare at the camera, holding each other, creating lustful shots that draw the audience's attention in. Black and white photos also look to be from the past as the girls wear old fashioned, button gowns while sitting on ancient-looking wooden steps.

The 'Virgin Suicides' attempts to capture a twin telepathy where the audience is not involved within the connection the two girls have but becomes the observer.