The Virgin Scooter is Designed for Richard Branson's Virgin Brand

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: coroflot & designbuzz
It isn't hard to envision Sir Richard Branson himself riding through the streets of London on Mikael Shevelkin's Virgin Scooter. This conceptual scooter runs on electricity and was designed exclusively for the Virgin brand.

The scooter has a futuristic shape and is filled with quirky features. The steering of the scooter is designed to mimic the steering of a horse, with the handlebars placed close in and high up as opposed to low and outside. The lights of the Virgin Scooter come from both the wheels and the base of the scooter, providing maximum light at night. The Virgin Scooter has a removable battery that comes with a set of wheels. This makes the battery easy to move to a power outlet for charging, and it helps to deter thieves. The Virgin brand is constantly expanding into new and unexpected spaces, so the idea of a Virgin Scooter isn't much of a reach.