Corning's Viral YouTube Video on Innovative Glass Stars the MythBusters

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: TheGlassAge & wersm
Getting impatient YouTubers to sit through a 10-minute pre-roll ad on glassware seems like an impossible feat, but Corning's 'The Glass Age' series has become a viral YouTube video sensation. Both part one and two of the videos have garnered well over a million views on YouTube, providing insight into the science and history of the product, as well as what makes Corning's glassware in particular so durable and innovative.

In order to present the information in a dynamic, demonstrative way, Corning teamed up with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, better known as the MythBusters. Just like tuning into the show, The Glass Age pushes Corning's products to do what is thought of as impossible with conventional glass, such as bending it and cutting it without having it shatter.