The Vipingo Club House in Kenya is Perfect After a Long Day of Golf

For anyone who enjoys a long round of golf, the Vipingo Club House provides a place to kick back and relax after a day on the course. This design was done by Urko Sanchez firm, and is located in Kenya, Africa.

The structure uses a similar hue to its surroundings, reflecting the high temperatures of the area with a desert-like coloring. Inside the building uses high ceilings, making certain sections look bigger for visitors. The most forward-thinking part of this design is the photovoltaic panels used, which allows the building to consume less energy and reduce its impact on the environment. Other features include a kitchen and cafe, shopping sections and of course a plethora of areas to sit and relax after golfing on the course for the majority of the day. Photo Credits: designboom, proyectosrealizados