Vintage Burlesque Show Outsells Madonna

 - Jan 27, 2007   Updated: Aug 23 2011
"We've had more calls about Dita Von Teese than any other show we've done, even Madonna. We could have sold out four nights and then some." Marc Smith, Koko's Head of Promotions ...on selling out the famed UK venue in less than 24 hours (Oct 2006). The queen of new burlesque Dita shows us what this concept is all about. Shows, Clothes, Colors, Jewlery, photos, everything that you have to know about Vintage.

Implications - Celebrity ventures and product placement is an extremely effective advertising technique for businesses to embark on. By associating a famous figure or well-known concept in popular culture with its brand, a company looking to expand its target demographic will succeed due to the modern feel that comes with pop culture references.