Famous Sixties Designer, Barney Dorcus, Explains Motivation

 - May 4, 2009
References: lileks
I don’t want to know if this is a hoax. If it is, kudos. If it isn’t, it is still hilarious. The brand represented here is "Dorcus" from Barney Dorcus.

Dorcus never sought to have the same allure as Yves Saint-Laurent of Givenchy. All Barney Dorcus wanted, according to the website, was clothing that wouldn’t wilt under his enormous sweat.

"I have a dream," Barney Dorcus once said. "I dream I take off my shirt at the end of the day and the armpits ain’t hanging out in smokin’ strings from my BO, that’s what I dream."

...But that don’t explain why I smell like a hippo’s ass ten minutes after I get outta the bathtub. It ain’t the soap. I tried switching to Cameo. F—kin’ nothin’."