Impressive Architectural Distortions by Victor Enrich

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: victorenrich & petapixel
Mind-bending image manipulation by Victor Enrich of the NH Deutscher Kaiser hotel (NHDK) in Munich, Germany defies the laws of physics, and reality. No Photoshop involved Enrich himself did in fact photograph all of the images above, however, his digital retouching and 3D graphics skills are beyond out of this world. The visual artist is known for his trippy building, object and landscape distortions; and his 'NHDK series' consist of 88 crazy mind blowing photograph variations of the hotel building.

The images look like a scene out of a sci-fi film but in a familiar real setting. The photograph of the Munch hotel shredded into a million little pieces never seizes to amaze!

The photographs demonstrate the power of 3D editing manipulation technologies available today, and when put in the right hands creates masterpieces. Vince Enrich’s ability to dabble in 3D editing and retouching while managing to keep the images unnaturally and freakishly realistic- well, it tends to make people look twice.