Victor Enrich Creates Unreal Architecture That Pushes Boundaries

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: archdaily & neatorama
We have all seen some crazy architecture before, both real and surreal, yet Victor Enrich's creations are particularly mind-boggling. Perhaps that is because they are 3D illustrations and visualizations rather than actual buildings. Considering that many of his conceptions are gravity-defying and simply impossible, we can simply step back and appreciate them for what they are: works of art.

Having been fascinated with art and architecture since the age of 10, Victor Enrich was able to take his imagination to the next level, a step up from paper and pencil, when computers became more prevalent. Since then, Victor Enrich has been able to make his surprising structures seem even more real than ever. By pushing the limits of what is actually possible, Victor Enrich's work will surely inspire architects and designers around the world.