This Viktor Matic Concept Combines Form and Function

 - Apr 18, 2012
References: viktormatic & frameweb
Italy-based designer Viktor Matik has come up with an Internet-inspired shelving system appropriately titled 'www.' The frame is made from wooden slats, while the shelves are comprised of strings strung horizontally and diagonally within the frame. The overall concept emphasizes space -- a desired quality in any shelving system.

The interconnected strings that create the storage surfaces are indeed reminiscent of a network, as they intersect and run parallel to one another. Beyond the form and concept of this design, it is a supremely functional piece of furniture.

Diagonal surfaces are often overlooked in shelving systems, however, they provide useful niche functions. As shown in the photographs featured here, they allow books to be set gently against them, thereby avoiding the clumsiness that often follows trying to set a book upright on an unsympathetic horizontal plane.