Vigour is a Cardigan That Doubles as a Physical Therapist

 - May 15, 2015
References: fashioningtech & fastcodesign
Developed as a solution to the drawbacks of physiotherapy for older patients, Vigour is a knitted wool cardigan that uses sensory feedback to encourage wearers to move.

The cardigan is equipped with with four sensors; one under each arm, and two in the lower back region. The senors act as monitors that record information about the wearer's movements, either while they're performing exercises or throughout the day. Vigour also corresponds to a iPad app that visually informs both the wearer and their physiotherapist on the progress being made.

Vigour's aesthetic form was a conscious decision, designed to appeal to an older demographic. The cardigan was specially made with bespoke merino fabric that thermally bonded to the circuits and sensors. Most importantly, however, is the potential Vigour has disrupt the way at-home care is administered, through better integration into daily life.